Principal's Corner

Message from the Principal...

The Weimar Hills School Community is committed to empowering all children to become productive citizens of the 21st Century. Weimar Hills is a 4th through 8th grade school with a dedicated instructional staff and a caring, supportive community situated in the foothills of Northern California.  We offer a dynamic education integrating 21st Century skills into the core subjects.  Students also enjoy participating and learning physical education, music, art, STEM, and technology.  Fourth and Fifth graders learn to play recorders and ukuleles, while the 6th-8th graders integrate singing, movie making, and music production into their performing art elective.  We also teach all of our students and staff about our
 C.A.R.E. philosophy -Cooperate, Accept, Respect, and Encourage.  We strive to support all students in their academic, physical, social and emotional growth while they are here at Weimar. 
                                                                                                                  Rebecca Evers, Principal